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Community Guidelines

  1. Cheating & Plagiarism:
    1. Cheating is defined as someone who takes advantage of a game's bug(s) or violates a game's EULA, TOS, or other legal documents to take advantage of other players or the game's system itself.
    2. Plagiarism is defined as a person copying, reproducing or otherwise using another person's work without credit or changing a majority of the piece in question to a more original piece.
  2. Inappropriate Conduct & Images:
    1. Inappropriate conduct is defined in this community as disrespect, flaming, performing acts of aggression of any kind upon a community member or other players as well as discrimination.
    2. Inappropriate images are defined as pornographic or sexually appealing in nature or discriminating.

Discord & Forum Guidelines

  1. Spamming is prohibited, these may include emojis, images, or text posted multiple times in single or multiple messages.
  2. Thoughts should be in sentence and paragraph form when you convey them, multiple lines or messages for a thought(s) is quite annoying to read, and can be considered spam as well.
  3. Topics should be in the appropriate channels or forums.
  4. Self Promotion of another community via discord invite or website link is strictly forbidden. Promotion of your streams can be done on the forums by adding your channel to our Twitch page.

Recruiting Guidelines

  1. Recruits for Imperial Gladiators Federation must meet the age requirement of 16 years old or older. Those who do not reach the age requirement will be rejected.
  2. Recruits must show activity on the forums & discord to remain a member of our community. Inactivity on the forums for more then 2 weeks will put your account into an inactive user group.
  3. Signup on forums and discord is a requirement.


Important Information

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